What’s on TV: Cleaning out the DVR edition

One thing about vacations: the fun game of TV catch up. Lucky for me, I’ve sprung for Uverse with their nice super-sized DVR and crap ass phone support.

Must See TV

Klaus and I have the same champagne glasses. Heh. ©2011 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

Not much graces this category. Seriously, WTF happened to television? My schedule used to strain under the pressure of so many competing good shows and now, not so much.

The Vampire Diaries. Yes The Triangle is starting to annoy but the rest is rocking – and sometimes I watch it LIVE. Caroline Forbes is likely to win another scene stealer Tubey Award; Alaric is getting an actual plot along with his on/off bromance with Damon; more twists and turns from our villains, more depth from our heroes and heroines, plenty of speed.

Add to that a Jack “HRG” Coleman guest appearance and all in all, The Vampire Diaries remains one of the best shows on television.

Fringe. Yes the Alt-U story got a little muddy, slowed things down – but for a cerebral show as this, it kinda works. Plus we almost get two shows in one. What hasn’t worked is waiting THIS long to bring back Peter, to make it a ‘suspense’ – as if – but the addition of Lee and other twists make this one of my favorites. Too bad Fringe is stuck on Friday.

Castle. Barely stays under this heading, only because they’ve eased off the ‘shipping’ of Castle and Beckett. The writing is always crisp, the acting good, the stories twisty enough – when they just let the romance part flow. I still don’t believe two smart adults would go all unrequited bullshit this long, but whatever.

Fair to Middling, with a chance of interest

Meaning, I might put down the iPad once in a while to pay attention or read a recap.

Ringer. Ok, it’s getting better – finally! But damn has it been a predictable hot mess of the ‘twins’ trope – so I can see why all the hype has not been so kind, landing it on a few Worse New TV Shows lists. As far as I can tell, the central themes seem to be all about 1) as many glam wardrobe changes as possible for Sarah Michelle Gellar and 2) having everyone with a Y chromosome fawn over her in some capacity. Talk about vanity project.

Nikita. Again with the getting better, at least it has some entertainment value. But Percy is NOT Hannibal Lector meets Magneto, so that shit is ass. Techno nerd’s unending supply of wealth and supplies is all too convenient, but we wouldn’t have a show otherwise, so (there’s a theme building) whatever. Also not feeling Michael’s ‘family urges’ or the new dude/Alex connection, but at least there are some explosions and fights to break up the boredom.

Dean and Sam are hot but someone please cancel this crap. ©2011 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

WTH am I still watching?

Hawaii Five-O. I fast forward through the bickering bickerson couple, half the quirky CSI-fu, the exposition – and still figure out who dun it before the characters do. There’s a new chick who gets to play dress up, Steve still gets shirtless, Danny still hates Hawaii but lwuvs his daughter, blah blah.

Supernatural. It should have ended in season 5 but for some reason, TPTB decided to slam on the brakes, pull a 180 and ruin the show. Supernatural season 6 sucked, a fetid, reeking truckload of crap; this one is just awful. Pulling a fucking Smallville with one shitty movie ripoff after another?! For fuck’s sake, my love of Jensen Ackles can only take so much.

So that’s what’s been hanging out in my DVR of late. Resume not caring.

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