About Ms. Snark

This is my hiding place for the snark and bullshit I can’t always share elsewhere. I got a rep to protect, hence the secret identity. MWAH.. As The Write Snark, I may or may not rant on:

  • Movies and television shows, with reviews and recaps because everyone is entitled to my opinions.
  • Food and wine, because who doesn’t eat and drink? Lets me pretend I know what the hell I’m talking about too.
  • Trips and travel because we also love to escape for places better than our crappy offices and cubicle farms. Maybe someday.
  • Social media dribble. I blog, therefore am an expert. No really, just ask me.
  • Love, life, loss and other nonsense .. mostly to tell you to stow that touchy, feely self-help yoga crap. [DeanGirl]