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Movies and Television

This blog, this hobby of mine as I like to write and watch TV and go to the movies. And type about it. This blog lives for another post.

Unplanned Hiatus

Life. That happened. Summer 2014 turned to fall, fall got busy with holidays, a new year brought yet another failed job search then FUCKING whamo. Serious health and financial issues made this blog not even an afterthought.

Then again, I’ve got ‘free’ time on my hands so here goes.

Robin Hood, Evil Queen, Belle and Captain Hook all part of the 'same' story. OUAT. © 2015 ABC.
Robin Hood, Evil Queen, Belle and Captain Hook all part of the ‘same’ story. OUAT. © 2015 ABC.

On my TV. Or DVR. Or iPad.

Shows that need to end. Soonish.

  • The Vampire Diaries: Whilst I look forward to what an Elena-free season could be – S7 is stockpiled for binge-watching on my DVR, as is The Originals – it’s about time.
  • Once Upon A Time: Yeah, it’s getting a bit of a reach to rewrite, retcon and otherwise connect all these stories into one big tale that makes sense. Characters are wearing thin, time to let it go before I start hating everyone.
  • Supernatural: Shit needs to die. And stay dead.

Shows that need(ed) more viewers, more attention, more something.

  • Nashville: sudsiest soap opera that keeps getting better. Throwaway characters take you by surprise, especially when there’s OMG! drama. Other relationships develop like they do in real life, and it’s awesome.
  • Gotham: I know this is the Villain’s Year but until just now, I didn’t care about Penguin or Nigma or new even crazier bad guy. It’s Gordon and Co.’s show, but I really want to see more from the future Batman and Catwoman.
  • Forever: It was one of my favorites of 2014, an interesting twist on a procedural that was cancelled by ABC. At least I still have Castle, which finds ways to keep me watching.
  • Arrow, Flash, et al.: As much as I enjoy these, they have a shelf life of about five seasons. Anything more than that, you get fucking Smallville. Think it’s smarter to have a plan and go out with a bang (Angel) vs. an ‘oh for fuck’s sake’ thud (LOST).

Rest of the lot:

What do you mean we didn't get any Emmy love? Again?! © 2015 FX.
What do you mean we didn’t get any Emmy love? Again?! The Americans. © 2015 FX.

Disappointing ends to Falling Skies and Under the Dome. Watching NBC try to milk what life there is out of Heroes. Will do the same for Fox and The X-Files since the 24 reboot was worth watching.  And as ever, looking forward to what cable will bring: Suits, Game of Thrones, Royal Pains, The Americans, The Last Ship.

What’s new?

Typically networks kill new shows before they can gain traction, so I don’t watch until they do. Should I catch up on Supergirl or Blindspot? Any others?

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