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This latest entry from the incestuous little Boys Club of Hollywood stars members Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. They play guys who are Wedding Crashers to pick up girls, figuring that aprs wedding, they’ll be easy marks.

After a few entertaining minutes of multi-wedding montage, along with some gratuitous cheap sex boob shots, they sit down and talk about how maybe this isn’t for them anymore.

Or at least Owen does; Vince is still all for it, but Owen thinks they’re not so young anymore. No kidding. They’ve looked better. And Owen needs to do something about that hair.

Vince decides to go out with a bang and target a major wedding, the wedding of Christopher Walken’s daughter. Chris, who could have been used more in this, is a DC VIP and this wedding is a big deal. They talk about having to prepare for it and all, but end up only reviewing Vince’s file folder for maybe 30 seconds before walking into the church.

But that gives Owen enough time to see Rachel McAdams and fall in love. Or at least stake her as his mark for the night. Why he didn’t see her in the file I can’t say.

Throughout the wedding and the movie Vince plays the crass jerk to Owen’s more “charming” straight man. It works pretty well too. Most of the laughs are cheap, but it’s entertaining non-the less. This is what I call “good” stupid funny, slob humor and hijinks.

At the reception the guys make their respective moves, but Owen needs more time to close the deal. So he wants to crash the family weekender, but Vince wants none of it, since his mark–Rachel’s sister, played by Isla Fisher–is off her rocker. Alas Vince gets dragged along, despite his protests.

Back at the family’s mansion, where everyone is given their own bedroom and Vince and Owen are given a wardrobe for the weekend, we meet the rest of Rachel’s family. Her nutty grandmother, her arty gay brother, and spend more time with her parents and boyfriend. And the pastor who conducted the wedding ceremony for some reason.

Doesn’t take long to find the dysfunction, as Mrs. VIP, played by Jane Seymour puts the moves on Owen, and boyfriend Bradley Cooper is revealed to be an ass in prick’s clothing. Owen begins to really fall for the girl, naturally. Meanwhile Vince is hilariously going through hell. Next thing you know, Vince and Owen get busted. Vince and Owen forego counseling and break up with Vince doing his own thing, and Owen sinking deeper by crashing more weddings, stag.

He even enlists the help of the legendary pioneer of the Wedding Crash, who is played by another Boys Club member. I’ll let that be a surprise, though I did expect another cameo or two. Ben Stiller too busy? Jason Bateman? Upon hitting rock bottom, Owen goes back to Vince, then tries to win back Rachel. Aw. Bets on how he does?

If you go for this sort of thing, it’s pretty funny and a party worth crashing.

Final Snark: snob humor worth an R.S.V.P.

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