This Week on Cable, for the 527th time: The A-Team

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My first post of 2012 is a review of a two-year old movie. I’m nothing if not efficient.

Pillaging 80s pop culture

I missed The A-Team in theaters, so-so reviews not encouraging. Now that I’ve sen it on cable 3,456 times, I’m ok with certain liberties taken with my 80s TV heritage. At least I didn’t have to suffer Colin Farrell as a Miami Vice blonde.

More is actually better?

The well-cast cast of The A-Team. © 2010 20th Century Fox

I saw the director’s cut first on Cinemax and while it ran too long, it was entertaining. When seeing the short, theatrical version on HBO a lot of what I liked – the character moments – was missing. And the movie lacking.

Cast of characters was pretty spot-on, though often predictable when it came to the villains and extras. Weakest link was Jessica Biel, as obligatory female and love interest. She starts off the movie disclosing info on some ‘top secret’ whatnot .. to someone who knew nothing about it until she of course, disclosed it to him. Quit the shining star in the U.S. Army her character was.

For The Team itself, casting was a solid A-. (See what I did there?! I so clever.)

Rampage Jackson did a nice B. A., certainly had his moments. Liam Neeson‘s Hannibal was serviceable and at times convincing, though much of his antics and quips felt forced.

As douche boat smooth talker Face, Sexy Man and Hangover star Bradley Cooper really seemed in his element. Could be the shirtless but really, when he was on my screen – I paid attention.

Like Star Trek‘s Spock and McCoy, Murdock was dead on balls A-Team perfect without being a campy parody. Underrated, hilarious performance by District 9 star Sharlto Copley; he needs to get more work.

Disbelief, check that at the door

Not gonna not pick the errors in military and government protocol, violations of the laws of physics and nature, logic, science and dating. This is one of those movies – like the show on which it’s based – ya just roll with it and try to avoid things like thinking.

What didn’t work, the excessive action bits especially at the end. Considering all that voice over ‘we’re gonna explain all our tricks and schemes while we cut in random f/x clips’ exposition, they were still absurdly hard to follow. Plight of trying to out clever themselves, way too much frenzy going on.

Final Snark: I’d watch The A-Team sequel, if we get these people back and go a little light on the ‘plot,’ more on the characters. Hell, Bradley could even keep his shirt on.


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