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Ever notice how bad TV kills your favorite shows? This contest from TV Addict a while back got me thinking about TV cancellations.

Two and Half Men is still on the air. Don’t have to watch it to know it’s crap. See also anything with the words “Real Housewives” in front of it, contest “reality” shows, procedurals featuring “no-talent douchebags” and a bunch of other shit.

Don’t go thinking I’m a cultural snob; I’m into vampire porn but at least that shit is entertaining. Hell I still watch Smallville, which praise merciful Zeus will finally end this season!

The Good die young, courtesy the programming idiots at Fox and ABC (et al.)

FlashForward © ABC

  • FlashForward started high concept and interesting, then took in a nose dive in quality and ratings. It was still enjoyable and on the cusp but ABC passed and renewed the meandering camp remake V.
  • Invasion took a while to get going, but it got damn good. Shame, as like another Shaun Cassidy product American Gothic, it died an early death.
  • Jake 2.0: silly, campy and fun. I’ve read a lot of comparisons to the cult and critical favorite Chuck, which makes me miss it even more. (This was aWB/UPN/CW product not ABC or FOX.)
  • Firefly: Joss Whedon is a misunderstood genius. Firefly wasn’t perfect, but was it smart, fun, entertaining and a total gem, worth gifting to other TV fans. Confession: I caught it in reruns on SciFi post-cancellation and promptly bought the DVDs. We did get a big damn movie, Serenity, to fill in the blanks. See also Dollhouse, though not his best work, still had moments of brilliance.
  • Traveler: Too smart and highbrow for summer fare, so WTF was ABC thinking? Should have saved it for the fall schedule. Just a waste, though glad to see Matt Bomer rebound with White Collar.
  • My So-Called Life: Claire Danes classic angstfest was overwrought, under watched and too good to last. No list of one-season wonders is complete without it.

Show me the Ad Money

Friday Night Lights found life elsewhere for a time. Damages also got a DirectTV reprieve at the 11th hour which surprised me, in a good way as I like the short commitment half-season show. Too bad I don’t have DirecTV.

FlashForward and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles–which lost out to the aforementioned Dollhouse in the renewal sweepstakes–cost a lot of money to produce, so the pressure for high returns is greater. Crap-ass reality shows or bullshit, three-camera sitcoms are a bargain by comparison. Sucks.

Just ranting as I check out at the new shows for Fall 2010, wonder what has a chance to avoid the early ax.

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