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Actually left the comfy confines of my nice air-conditioned abode to visit… the cool air conditioning of a house of cinema. What can I tell you? I’m a wild one.

Byrne, Wiig (in the much shorter skirt) and company, Bridesmaids © 2011 Universal Studios

Little Buzz Movie That Could

On the marquee c’est soir was Bridesmaids, Hollywood’s answer to The Hangover. And while yes many of the ‘chick power’ jokes were stereotypical and probably penned by someone with a Y chromosome, this one hit some truthy marks.

This one is all about the players, so let’s say hello to:

The Maid of Dishonour, so the ads tell us. Kristen Wiig whom I don’t know other than 1) she’s pretty 2) she’s funny and played the neurotic Carrie Bradshaw type character rather well and 3) either she or her stylist is obsessed with her legs.

They are nice legs and sure I’m jealous, but in almost every scene she’s in a skirt so short that she’s covering and pulling and tucking. My rule is this: Sit down. If you’re sitting on skin rather that skirt, it’s too fucking short. Sorry but it stood out (perhaps intentionally) when everyone else didn’t have very short skirts. In almost Every. Scene.

Anyway, she’s tweaked that her life sucks whilst her BFF aka The Bride is getting married. On top of that, said friend has a new ‘perfect’ BFF aka Rose Byrne (who can be seen out-acted by Glenn Close’s left hand on Damages, but was actually pretty good here). Byrne is Hellen, who Wedding Planner from Hades and ingratiator of anything. It sparks an interesting (cat-fighting, full claws) little rivalry and in cliche Hollywood fashion, a budding friendship.

Also there’s the Virginal Newlywed aka Charlotte, Sex and the City; the Unhappyly Married Mom, as often mocked on SATC; and the “Wild Card,” the obligatory fat chick who must be zany yet secretly deep and fun, lest never be cast in a Hollywood movie. Not sure SATC ever bothered with anyone over a size 8.

There Must be Men

  • The Groom. Did he even have lines?
  • The Asshole. The “Mr. Big” only more of a jerk, the one the MoD wants but can’t have except for booty call sport fucking.
  • The Nice Guy. The one who gets shit upon for being helpful and supportive and charming. Moron. (Where’s mine?)

So funny I can’t look

I’m squeamish with gross out jokes. Icky with off color stuff. But when things get too close to the truthy mark, I don’t have as much fun laughing at others rather than with them. I’d rather just mock quietly Twitter.

Two of the scenes that were 1) funniest and 2) least believable in a ‘I can actually see that kind of way’ were when the BFFs go at it, and MoD tries to outdo the WPFH. Most people know when enough’s enough, but not here. These ladies snap, hard.. and I guess hilarity ensues. From what I saw, hiding behind my fingers.

Final Snark. Chick flick comedy with some edge and yes, some actual funny. Yes.

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