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Not wanting to be one of those slack assed bloggers who just let their blogs die, thought I’d fire off a quick catch-all post, hit all my topic g-spots. Then publish it a week later.

Fuck it, I’m paying for this domain, right?

2007 Alto Moncayo, yummy with some manchego

In Vino Drunkeness

Latest night of friends and food, cards and wine was a hit. No you weren’t invited, sorry.

Wine hits were a Loire Valley white and a Spanish Garnacha, the 2007 Alto Moncayo. Some wine magazines even like it. Both wines will get you good and sloshed, taste good with the cheese, and not set you back more than $40 a bottle. Nice.

Sweeping into May Finales

My DVR will be happy for the break. Looking forward to seeing what The Vampire Diaries and Fringe do for cliffhangers, how they set up their next seasons. Hell these days I’m even hoping Nikita gets a “Save this Show” Season 2.

Everything else I watch is either mercifully ending like Smallville, or has just stayed too long at the party with yet another renewal, like Supernatural. Or are bubble shows that may be cancelled and/or I don’t care: V, No Ordinary Family, Hawaii Five-O. I mean if they live on, I’ll watch; if not won’t give them another thought.

Waiting for Summer

Just gonna keep making these, aren't they? © 2011 Disney.

Not sure what I think of the summer movie previews. If nothing else, there should be some shirtless hotties and hunks undressing at the multiplex, and that’s always fun.

But it looks like another endless glut of sequels, remakes, redos, comic-book heroes with Pirates on Strange Tides 4 and Lanterns Green and American Captains coming soon to a house of over-priced popcorn near you.

Hoping they don’t bore or irritate the shit out of me like their horrible TV counterparts. Yes looking at you Sucksville.

Summer also will mark the return of some good escapist shows: Royal Pains, White Collar and True Blood.  Really looking forward to seeing what White Collar does after that twisty spring finale. So I guess the DVR’s break will be short-lived.

That’s my summer preview. Still drinking wine, watching TV, paying too much for shitty movies and losing the lottery.

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