This Week in Bullshit: Fucking Oscar and Technology Edition

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Gonna ramble a bit but WOOT! A crossover entertainment and bullshit post.

The curse of Milli Vanilli .. no wait, that’d be Jennifer Beals Flashback

Oh, badly punned but it’s staying. So Natalie Portman didn’t do ALL her dancing in Black Swan. 1) I wasn’t sure I thought she did. 2) Not sure I care. I saw it, kinda thought it was dance-lite in that it wasn’t really so much about ballet; the dance was metaphor.

Sure I could tell Portman had trained hard for it, but I was more focused on everything else rather than the dancing. IDK .. maybe the dance double is pissed about the lack of credit, the lack of credit in her bank account.

Director and co-star have come to Portman’s defense, saying she “danced her ass off.” Others care about the dancing, saying the dance is too important to the performance, but then I don’t think Robin Williams turned himself into a blue cartoon, yet he fucking MADE Aladdin. I don’t think actors really get stabbed and shot or turn into drug addict’s or hookers, so moving on.

The King’s Speech, Fuckdom Edit

Oscar winner Colin Firth ain’t happy about rerelease of The King’s Speech with less ‘fucking’ more whatever for a PG-13 version. Ok I curse more often in print than voice but it’s part of the point.. it’s shocking, it’s funny and it packs a punch.

In the context of The King’s Speech, going through a profanity laced diatribe was one of the tools that helped King Colin get over his stutter. It is an integral part of the movie because it played a role in his treatment, so organic to the movie I barely remarked on the cursing. And it’s pretty damn funny. OMFG, leave it alone people. There’s already a tiny little ‘you shouldn’t smoke’ meme in the movie, whatever.

My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my tech dreams.. prepare to die.

I may have to wait for an iPhone 5? I hate waiting. Okay, not really bullshit but it’s frustrating when you plan your expenses, suffer through an interminably long waiting to upgrade period thinking there’s a new toy at the end of the tunnel. We’ll see, but if rumors are correct and/or with iPad 3 already buzzing, the best day to buy a new toy is the day it’s released; after that it’s countdown to version aftermarket-point-zero. Oatmeal is very right on the cruel joys of owning Apple products.

NYT headline trickery bullshit

A series with little action and no sex, but lots of fans.” It wasn’t about Smallville but then smart fans bailed on this shitfest long ago. Supernatural, nope not that many fans left either. Nikita, burgeoning fandom but on a real network it’d be cancelled. Hawaii Five-O? Shit I am running out of guesses here. It was about the American update/ripoff of The Killing. Interesting.. but I’ll pass.

Fringe has been renewed by Fox. Not at all bullshit, but just had to say fuck yeah.

Final Snark: boredom at work can lead to a spontaneous blog post. WTF!

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