• Too bad. I had just written you a fucking check made payable to “Mrs. Snark,” too. Try cashing that! If possible, capture the attempt (preferably on a cell phone) for YouTube.

    This post rocks it. Where to start? How about the category? “Whatever the Hell I Feel Like.” Hells yeah!

    We have a lot in common. I think I’m damn funny, too. And I want those millions for sitting on my ass, locked in a dark room, having no human contact and just being my pithy self all over a keyboard. Millions in ad revenues. Mmmmmm!

    I really enjoy classic throwback snarks. I love it when you bring it. You’re a true game changer.

    • Money, did someone say money? All’s I need is enough to pay the cable bill, keep me in wine and Apple porn.

      I could really do this all day, I love the sound of my own typing. I could strike up conversations, write about any shit that crosses my mind.. which sadly is mostly just TV, my love of wine, need of money for new Apple toys.

      We gots to work on that.. getting paid for this. Because no one else on the Internets is bloggy. And funny. And pithy. And lazy. .. Oh fuck. Catcha at your place later.

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