Cheap Wine Alert: Old Sonoma Red

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Mission Hardware Old Sonoma Red blended wine

Drinkable red wine for less than $15 is not a myth, just requires some searching. And getting out of the damn grocery store.

Mission Hardware Old Sonoma Red, from Highway 12 Vineyards, may sound like some overpriced decor store, but it’s actually a decent, dry red wine blend.

Packaging: Kinda no-frills label that has a retro feel, it tells you about the winery but not the wine. Questionable marketing choice.

For the senses: It’s dark red in color and smells like red wine, but a little hot (the alcohol). No wood or fruit jump out over the other.

What’s inside: an even split of Zinfandel and Merlot.

How do you drink this wine? With a glass. Some only like wine with food, others just to drink. To me the Mission Hardware Old Sonoma Red is a dual purpose table wine and can do double duty.

Just want to open a bottle and enjoy, go for it. If you’re wondering about the food, think this one will serve your meatloaf, pizza, burger, chili needs just fine.

The big questions answered

Will it get you drunk? At a listed 14.6% alcohol it damn well better.

Will it break the bank? I already said it’s less than $15. If you’re in a state that lets you order booze online, it’s on sale direct from the winery.

Final Snark: I always like to try new things, but this one could make my regular, everyday collection.. if I had one.

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