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Crossover post, as this is both about TV and Bullshit. The Hollywood Foreign Press, party throwers of one of the only watchable awards shows the Golden Globes, thanks to the serving of alcohol — has made its 2011 nominations.

Golden Globe Nominations don't fail to disappoint

As I haven’t spent my money on enough movies, I can’t rant on those nods yet but boy do the TV nominations suck.

Snubs are part of it and I have already commented in a couple places, but come the fuck on.

From the What the Hell? school of thought

Piper Perabo is why I can’t watch Covert Affairs, along with knowing it’ll suck versus Nikita or Alias. So nominating her for this USA fluff is like Jessica Alba getting singled out for Dark Angel, which tragically is STILL some of her best “acting” to date. Even watching Glenn Close dine on a steady diet of ferns, chic armchairs and New York real estate on Damages has to be better.

Scott Caan gets an acting nod for a procedural show that’s more about action and scenery than character. This one I can almost see as he IS a standout on Hawaii Five-0. His wise-cracking single-father Dano is about the only thing that’s entertaining, though the nagging wife to Alex O’loughlin’s bickering hubby schtick is getting old. Fast.

Jennifer Love Hewitt gets nominated for a Lifetime TV movie. About hooking. No I have not watched it and don’t care. Just wrap your noggin around that fact. If you can.

Walking Dead gets nominated with only six episodes. Hadn’t seen it, but makes me go Hmmm.

Creativity and Innovation can suck it

IIRC it was the Globes that first recognized different shows like X-Files, Buffy and edgy F/X fare. So WTF with the same old crap getting the love, when there are arguably better performances on superior shows? And unjustly shunning genre fare to highlight formula dramas and predictable procedurals?

LOST I am torn. I wanted to see acting nod for Terry O’Quinn but am sorta relieved the show didn’t get one last shot at the golden apple.. uh, globe. Especially since its final season and finale was an affront to many fans who stuck by it over the years. Google “LOST finale suck” and get a million hits.

Fringe is totally shut out, for acting and drama. See also True Blood, The Vampire Diaries. Are these shows perfect? Of course not, but are they better than some of the crap that was nominated.

Twice the acting, none of the credit

Nina Dobrev is not another pretty face on a stick figure body; girl’s got game on a show I think more people should watch. Playing more than a dual role via flashbacks and deceptions, Dobrev is one of many reasons I consider The Vampire Diaires must-see TV as she is killing it.

John Noble deserves to have the mantle fall off his damn fireplace, so heavy it is with every award made. His heartbreaking Walter and scary, evil Walternate are a thing to behold, alas not to the GGs nor the Emmys last year. Idiots.

Took me a while to warm to costar Anna Torv but wow is she kicking it in a complex role as Olivia on the overlooked Fringe, which I hope survives its Friday move. Like Dobrev, it’s more than a dual role as she’s also playing one character while pretending to be the other. Acting!

So that’s some of my Golden Globes stubs and snubs. Care to add?

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