Get Smart, Don’t Waste Your Money

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This may be my shortest review yet.

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Maybe an hour and a half of fluff, another in a long line of the creatively-bankrupt old TV show remakes, Get Smart was sort of meh.

Supposed to be another vehicle for “funny man” Steve Carell, instead it was more of a showcase for his needing a new schtick and Anne Hathaway’s costumer.

Perhaps the funniest scene to me was this small, inside Hollywood shout-out when Carell asks Anne where she keeps coming up with the various wardrobe changes. Her invisible Gilligan’s Isle suitcase of course.

A scene that bugged, which was suppose to endear, was Carell picking a fat chick at a dance, in hopes of making Anne jealous. Yes it was “nice” he picked her over the skinny bitches there, but:

  1. It was set up with him being fat once. So WTF, a Brad Pitt-style hot guy (which he’s NOT) cannot be empathetic to the overweight?
  2. Yes, fat people dance and have fun too. I know I’m one of them. But that does not mean we think it kind to pick us because of our fatness. It’s still derision, no matter how nicely intended.

There is no plot to really speak of, and with only so many speaking parts, not really hard to suss out the bad guy. At all. So hero saves the day, formulaic happy ending, done.

Final Snark: stale wind, nothing new.

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