Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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It took 20 years why exactly?

This one will be short and sweet. The fourth Indy is just that, the fourth. Story is basic Indiana Jones mix of action, research, adventure and mysticism. This one also adds touches of National Treasure and X-Files and one unbelievable chase/fight scene. Who knew the Amazonian rainforest had such smoothly paved roads?

Since Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has been brought up to the late 50s, we fight Commies and Reds (see also, Russians) rather than Nazis. And that is about it, nothing all that amazing about the story or the effects. Really do not see why it took so long for everyone to get together for this.

And we are looking for a plot. © 2008 Paramount

There are all the Hollywood cliches about the right script. My theory, some folks went through some pricey divorces and other financial/career setbacks in the last two decades, and while the scripts may not have appealed 10 years ago, the paycheck does today.

Not really much to spoil on this one: a quick glance at the poster or any preview and the movie plays itself in your head.

Harrison Ford is fine as the trusty hero, though here he’s more intent on playing the role of Professor Henry Jones than Indy, the ethically challenged, globe trotting archaeologist/action hero. Ray Winstone and John Hurt are added for old guy appeal. Cate Blanchett gets to be a baddie with odd eastern European accent. Karen Allen is resurrected from oblivion and a personal life for the obvious reason.

Shia LaBeouf is the next big thing … for less than obvious reasons. I know folks who like him, and yes he did okay in Disturbia and Transformers.

But he’s not last name on the credits material, worthy of the dubious AND distinction, not in a cast of serious talent sporting all that weighty hardware. And LaBeouf sure as hell ain’t worthy of channeling Brando.

There are a few nods to previous entries, some nice little touches of humor. Some decent action and fighting, mixed with so-so use of CGI. Overall it was formulaic Indiana Jones/Speilberg that’s watchable.

Final Snark: Memorial Day money, but kinda wasted.

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