Meditrina thinks it’s a red wine goddess

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I’m a sucker for clever marketing. Walking through a local wine shop, I ran across a new-to-me blended red wine, Meditrina.

My name is Meditrina. I am the Roman Goddess of Wine and Health. And I have a very fine red wine named after me.

So says the label. From Sokol Blosser, maker of the very good blended white wine Evolution #9, I thought I’d give it a whirl. Here’s my first official attempt at not snooty wine review:

  • Wrapping: I likes me some pretty packaging to go along with clever marketing. C’mon how can you not try a wine that talks about Bacchus good PR and the marketing of debauchery?! Like Evolution, this one has an interesting label, branded cork and that something that says, “this will be a fun bottle of wine to drink.”
  • Color: It’s red wine.. but actually looks more purple. Nice deep purplish-red.
  • Smell: a.k.a. the “nose,” the wine smells kinda nondescript. Wine vlogger Gary V. might say it’s “aromatically challenged” then maybe pair it with a hot dog. I don’t know has a subtle “wine” smell, but nothing impressive.
  • Ingredients: Blended inside this bottle are syrah, zinfandel and pinot noir.
  • Brass tacks: This one will set you back about $15.

The important questions:

  • Does it taste good? Yeah. Drinkable, meant in a good way. Not too much wood, a little heat (read: alcohol) and some fruit, but nothing overpowering or really steps up and screams “plum” or “dark cherry.” Maybe a touch of tobacco, leather and dirt.. as red wine likes to deliver. Am pleasantly sipping it sans food, surprised by the strength of the flavor given lack of smell.
  • Will it get you drunk? Sure if you chug it or drink enough. Bottle claims 13.5% on the booze-o-meter. Obligatory legal disclaimer: Neither The Write Snark, nor your hepatologist or AA sponsor recommend this, drink at your own risk.

Final Snark: I’d totally buy it again.. but also BOLO things better, more interesting for my money. And check out the fun stuff on the Meditrina website. Apparently I’m a Goddess of Charred Potholders.

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