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One new TV show I was a little hard on earlier this season: Nikita. Perhaps it doesn’t suck after all.

Nikita, sexier with a gun? ©2010 The CW

Alias plus the original Nikita leave some big shoes to fill for female-centered action adventures. See also Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Bionic Woman for what NOT to do.

Action and character drive these shows, as we can usually forgive the ridiculous story lines and plot holes. Now I miss 24, mostly because the Dave Barry blog was fucking hilarious.

Always liked

  • Maggie Q (pimping my M:III 3 post) as Nikita. Yes having her whine about the killed fiance is getting old (see also: Alias) but she does wear the wardrobe, it doesn’t wear her. A petite, sexy woman shooting big guns, sure that’s someone’s porn right? Only thing is the Nikita-fu, I think she should have her tiny ass kicked a little more given that she barely cracks triple digits on the scale.
  • Alex, the girl inside. Lyndsy Fonseca, a CW standard pretty actress with uniquely-spelled name, is growing on me as much as the character. This week she got caught spying by someone inside Division, yet managed to get out of it on her own. Well done.
  • Thom. The crush inside. He’s cute, he’s the Alex love interest. Whatever, sure it’ll end badly.
  • Amanda. Melinda Clarke is a fave and she’s making more out of an almost nothing role. Her finishing school marm slash interrogator is more menacing and complex than she should be.
Jaden and Alex bicker on Nikita. © 2010 The CW

On the fence

  • Michael. Taken me a while to warm to Shane West as badass agent. His backstory with military, family tragedy and all is well and good, but I’d like to see him wise up. He’s too trusting of everyone, wears his heart on his sleeve worrying about Alex or Nikita, too easily played by Percy. Room for improvement, though this week I really got the UST with him and Nikita.
  • Techno dude. He’s not comic relief like Marshall (Alias), or the well-written snark of Topher (Dollhouse) or the dry, off-putting character antics of Chloe (24). He’s just there for the exposition; someone has to do it.
  • Jaden, young recruit. She’s a foil for Alex with no reason, but you know that one day Alex will “save” her too. Or she’ll be so blinded by the betrayal that once they become friends, Jaden will join team Division for reals.

Still suck

  • Percy. Xander Berkeley just isn’t getting anything to work with I guess. He’s plain villain, Prince John because the script says he’s the bad guy. Zzzzzz.
  • Division. Much like Alias‘ Alliance and SD6, or even Dark Angel‘s Manticore the big bag uber Organization is neither that bad nor that invincible. It’s just so spread out and pervasive, it’ll take more than beheading a snake to stop it.

Somehow this show has taken a turn into being entertaining, I’m actually hoping for more. And a schedule change from Thursdays as my DVR is already booked. Thoughts?

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