• I’m sick of tweets about waking up and/or going to bed. Stay tuned for my new Twitter-based series of tweets about my toenails. At least the twitter format will make it hurry along at a good clip. (Groan.)

    • Well punned, Tom. Tweets about the weather where I’m NOT. Don’t care. Tweets about waiting in lines, like your special and shouldn’t have to? And tweets about your exact geo-position matter to no one but your friendly neighborhood stalker, so what’s the point?

  • I’m sick of tweets about Glee. Glee sucks beyond any possible description. It blows. See? That doesn’t cover it. It really, really, REALLY sucks ass. That’s a little better, but it still does little to truly convey the seething hatred. If twitter ever adds a filter function the word “glee” will be the first one I enter.

    • Heh Jason. Never watched Glee but a few scenes here and there. YouTube = the ultimate time suck. I like musicals but it’s one of those hyped up shows that for every person or critic who’s told me how good it was, there’s been another to tell me how much it is a totally overrated hot mess of crap. But while were at it, I’m sick of folks live TV tweeting shows like play-by-play commentary. Just saying. I’ve asked Twitter to block all things Bieber, Twilight, Lohan, vapid house fraus of wherever, etc. from my stream, so when you get that filter working please let me know. Thanks.

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