Movie Review: Herbie: Fully Loaded

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It was loaded all right. Just not in a good way.

Silly implausible story that’s a Lindsey Lohan movie is the best way I can describe Herbie: Fully Loaded. Matt Dillon is the bad guy, Michael Keaton is her dad, there’s a love interest of some type. And a racecar driver cameo or two. And that’s all there is really. It’s a ho-hum attempt at a tween-age family fun comedy. What? You’re expecting more.

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Oh fine, here’s more. Girl meets car. Car meets girl. Car impresses girl with special powers. Girl uses car for her own ends, then takes advantage of said car only to lose car and have to fight the bad guys to get it back. Girl then goes NASCAR and brings in some really bad CGI with her. Who will win the big race? Do you want to know? Do you care?

Final Snark: stale bubble gum and popcorn, hosed down in stinky cheese, left in a theater for way too long.

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