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It’s all about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. And it works for Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which is full of fun and excitement. Vince Vaughn and Adam Brody have small roles and there are a number of extras, but this is a star vehicle for the leads.

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The movie itself is a hodgepodge of other movies. Not to say it’s derivative, which it is, but just to give you an idea of what it’s all about. If you like the source material that possibly “inspired” this, you’ll have a good time.

Part One is the introduction, ala True Lies wherein Brad and Angelina don’t know that much about the other, despite a marriage going on five years. They play wealthy suburbanites that have grown apart, not hard to imagine really, except for the lack of sexual interest. (Who would tire of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie?!)

They both have busy jobs that require them to be on the road a lot, in this case top tier assassins with secret identities. This lets us see Brad and Angelina dress up, play a sexy drunk boozer or sexy dominatrix and have a nice time killing people. And look good doing it.

Part Two is more A War of the Roses, when they learn about the others real job and are ordered to go for the quickie divorce: bullet, bomb or bazooka is optional. They fight, snark, shot, blow up, quip at each other, and look good while doing it. They go mano a mano in a fight to the death that was shown in all the previews. It’s fun and actiony all right. But it also has an S&M style sexy violent confrontation turned into violent sex scene that is a little disturbing. But I guess these two characters are supposed to be wired that way, so it works.

In Part Three, also alluded to in the previews, the Smiths join forces like in the latter Bond flicks, where the femme fatales (Michelle Yo, Halle Berry) do plenty of ass kicking of their own. This is where the Adam Brody and Vince Vaughn subplots kick in. And a Meta! shout-out scene with Brody, who’s miscast as he looks too young here, that is both funny and NOT at the same time. This is the big showdown, which is ridiculously implausible, with the star couple fighting for their lives against dozens of bad guys and looking good doing it.

That’s what Mr. & Mrs. Smith was all about: beautiful people living that life of fun, well-financed, action-packed crime/adventure of Bondesque fantasy. Guns, bombs, car chases, bullets and explosions and looking good while doing it.

Seriously I don’t think either of them suffered an unflattering camera angle, bad lighting, or questionable wardrobe choices; even their wounds looked good, which was the point of casting two of the most attractive actors in Hollywood I suppose.

The Final Snark: Looking good.

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