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© 2009 20th Century Fox. Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian

I sort of like it when movies are bad, makes for quick and easy reviews.

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian was harmless I suppose, totally unnecessary and a waste of time. Fun enough I guess, but not nearly as “good” as the first one.

In trying to be “new and improved” with the magic mojo…the movie was dumb.

For example, either there were no other statues or figurines or paintings in the NYC museum or there are some wacky vibes coming off the Potomac. Maybe it was me, the effects seemed worse too.

Ben Stiller kind of goes through the motions, with this bullshit about finding yourself and doing what you love. (Stock family movie cliche #5: You can never “love” being a money-making, hard-working, in-demand and yes, a little “obnoxious with the Crackberry” kind of guy. Never. Apologies to Gary V. No crushing allowed.)

And naturally “doing what you love” is a hell of a lot easier to do once you have had your monster payday, paid off the mortgage and have a nice, fat college fund set up for your kid. Blah blah self-realization touchy feely nonsense.

Hank Azaria and Amy Adams are both pretty good; they give their best to make the movie worth watching. And really, Azaria and Adams did most of the heavy lifting.

Though of course the morons in the promo department, working hard to convince you NATM2 is a comedy with its funny, funny humor…put the few good gags in the trailers. Bastards.

So save the 10 bucks, watch a few online previews and teasers, spare yourself the other 70 minutes of boredom. You can wait for the DVD.

Final Snark: fresh ink on those Sure Money Sequel checks. Cash ‘em fast.

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