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The Hangover. © 2009 Warner Bros.

Okay, it’s also easy to write movie reviews when the movies don’t suck. Case in point, this week’s entry in the Animal House guy slob humor milieu, The Hangover.

The Hangover is funny, and offensive, and full of gross out ickiness and all other type of movie entertainment goodness. Think Tropic Thunder meets Tom Hanks’ Bachelor Party, for that is the premise of the movie, a bachelor party gone bad.

Very bad.

The players:

  • Bradley Cooper (Alias) as the very yummy, cool and snarky best friend.
  • Zach Galifianakis as the off-kilter, bearded and awesomely cracked future brother-in-law.
  • Ed Helms (The Office) as the less cool, totally henpecked but still fun other best friend.
  • Justin Bartha (National Treasure) as the groom.

The set up:

Four guys, a tricked out Vegas suite and too many mind-altering chemicals, resulting in funny romp through Vegas as our three party guys try to fill in the blanks of their Lost Weekend, and find their misplaced groom in time for the wedding. And since this is a good stupid comedy, hilarity ensues.

While I think The Hangover could have been even wackier, sicker, cruder (maybe TPTB are saving the goods for the unrated DVD), it was pretty damn funny.

Final snark: stale beer, smokes, food… kick ass party, left out in the sun for three days. Ah, good times.

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