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Movies and Television

Television – from here, TV – has been getting better and better. Sadly my bank account has not, so I’m deprived of any Hulu, Showtime, Netflix fare. Still, goodness abounds and I watch when I can. P.S. I watch a lot of bad TV too.

Stream Worthy

TV = distraction + reward for exercise. If it keeps me walking, it’s worth watching. Gym shows.

Wow these promo shots from EW for the CW crossover are kinda adorkable.

The CW takes the lead here, DC Comics seems to have figured out TV at least.

Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and Tomorrow’s Legends Today make a nice run, with the sometimes DVR’d Gotham rounding out my comic book capers.

I’m hoping that Designated Survivor gets some serious gravitas, otherwise it’s headed to the DVR. For now, This Is Us is also on at the gym. Usually watch and walk SHIELD.

Cable. Happy to see The Americans get some love, nomination love is better than no love at all. They’re canned and cheesy, but I still watch and dream of having the money to redo a house HGTV style. Mostly liking what CMT is doing with Nashville.

Game of Thrones I think – being a non-reader of the books – had a creative BOOM this last season. Finally got into Westworld. Love Last Week Tonight, and starting to follow Samantha Bee.

DVR. Finger on the FF.

When it’s bad enough that I fast forward through most of the boring parts, a TV gets relegated to DVR status.

Always be a Dean girl, but damn… make it stop. WTF is that face?

Supernatural. It’s a train wreck, I somehow have to see its terrible bitter end. I mean, suffered 10 years of fucking Smallville so like, 12 seasons of this shit probably won’t kill me.

Once Upon A Time. It’s more DVR than not, needs to wrap things pretty soon before it wears out its welcome. Same with Suits, though that makes it on at the gym too.

Glad to see Vampire Diaries go, but wish The Originals wouldn’t.. or did it already? I’ve lost a lot of summer and off season shows that fill the time, still have some like The Last Ship. And because I need some laughs, I have hopes for the 24: Legacy reboot.

Vacation soon, about ready for the winter hiatus to end. Need some new TV.

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