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Not the Emmys. Too many snubs for me to bother, so let me just say BULLSHIT! and be done with it. I did check the winners (congrats, Kyle) and more importantly, fugly fashion victims.

My TV refused to show the Intervention Which Shall Not Ne Named.

Not True Blood, which went out with sort of a whimper with heavy sides of crazytown. Not much new there except that show has become less about the metaphors and analogies of being different, to a soft-core shipper show. Next up to bang Sookie, Alcide which .. whatever. As always I think the best part of the show are the secondary stories and characters, like Jessica, Pam, Lafayette.

Fall TV Starts.. Sorta

Vampire Diaries. © 2011 The CW Network

The Vampire Diaries better not become just a damned shipper show. Always has been but, there’s always been SO more more. From the premiere:

  • Klaus and Stephan’s story line ain’t blowing up my skirt yet but has potential. As does the unseen – the Sheriff, witchy Bonnie, Matt may have an actual story, as does the Widow WTF Lockwood.
  • Not believing the ‘closeness’ Elena feels towards Damon, not at this point. Do NOT go off on me; I ain’t called a choice in either side of this triangle, waiting, seeing and as yet, do. not. care.
  • I liked the Caroline/Tyler hook up and am interested in seeing where Jeremy’s ghost whispering takes us, as well as what happens to Bromancer Alaric now that his only connection is “teaching.” Which is hilarious because they might have to actually show these kids in fucking SCHOOL.

Castle returns soon, but they get a ‘STFU’ from me as their Facebook page was pimping the ‘suspense’ of will Beckett survive. GMAFB. Will also check out Emmy shut-out Fringe as well as Nikita. Supernatural, I will watch to see how it finally *cough* hint *cough* ENDS.

ONE show?!

Hawaii 5.0 is back, I watched because of the pretty, scenery and shirtlessness. But ONE episode to wrap up the ‘exciting’ cliffhanger finale of last season? WTH?! Not like I was worried but damn what a waste of time.. no wonder I watch part of this show in fast forward mode.

Besides Charlie’s Angels, which looks campy and very snark worthy, Ringer is the only thing that jumps out at me as watchable from the new Fall TV Previews.

Ringer © 2011 The CW Network

It starts as interesting with a decent cast, including Mr. Fantastic and Buffy herself (Sarah Michelle Gellar) but blowing up way too many ‘twins’ tropes and cliches along the way. This one better find the different but quick if it’s to stay in my recordings queue.

Two episodes in and a few of my many beefs:

  • Married folks have sides of the bed; already seen that flubbed a few times.
  • BFFs should know – but quickly – when a friend is even a little off.
  • Eyeliner-loving (Richard, LOST) crime fighting types need to buy a clue.
  • If you don’t know know jack all about your sister, how the hell can you possibly impersonate her?
  • I hate being poor. Random aside, but for some reason it irks me more when watching this than with White Collar or Royal Pains. Probably because for now, this all just feels like an excuse to put SMG in as many different chichi ensembles as 42 minutes of television will allow.

Anything good I’ve missed, need to put on the radar?

Final Snark: Another Fall TV season, another crop of shows to snark but really, things are looking kinda sparse in ye olde recordings menu.

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