TV Vampires Don’t Suck: The Vampire Diaries returns as True Blood ends

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One door closes, another opens. Or in the case of TV’s vampires.. hot vamps and weres leave, as other hot yet tragically more clad vamps grace my TV screen. Hiyoooo!

True Blood © HBO

Vampires, Werewolves .. and Faeries? WTF?

This Sunday on HBO will be the 3rd season finale of True Blood, (sneak a peak here) which brought back the awesome in a huge way. Not that season 2 was that bad.

The mystery has gone from the “who done it?” and “WTH is Maryann?” in favor of a straight-forward story of 367 different yet somehow intertwining tales.

Extra touches of pink-loving Pam and Jesus-sexing Lafayette were an added bonus, while Jason‘s new panther girl and Sam‘s white trash family guilt seemed rather disjointed not to mentioned his shame slut spiral, due to being retconned a first class tool and murderer.

Too little of Hoyt and Jessica had me wanting more, but loving the nuances of the Father/Daughter things from Eric/Pam and Bill/Jessica. Extra bonus: pantless Eric, Sam, Alcide.

Bringing a whole new level of crazy is Russell who as King of Mississippi, gets involved with wanting faerie (yes, it is as lame as it sounds my dear) Sookie as does everyone else. I don’t begrudge her IT girl status this year as she was less boring, more entertaining plus.. she’s got the special mojo. Whatevs.

Vampire Diaries Season 2 promo © CW

There’s a new Bitch in Town: Katherine!

Meanwhile over on the CW The Vampire Diaries made its second season debut. Yes it’s a teen soap but a damn good one.

Without the elicit naked and screwing, the profanity and GORE of TB, TVD holds up quite well. More mysteries are sure to unfold, but after last year’s WOWfest there are no signs of slowing down. That is a damn good thing.

Elena is the IT girl in Mystic Falls due to a striking resemblance to batshit crazy vampire Katherine, super shiny hair and better than average pouting abilities.

The premiere has already earned high marks by EW. The TV Chick calls it “one hell of a rollercoaster ride” and I quite agree. I’m prepared for a sophomore slump but so far, so good. Just one dun dun DUN! after another.

Jinx buy each other a Coke. The similarities.

  1. The need for speed. Other shows you wait for fucking ever for something to happen. Not with TB either as we have to remember in Island time… I mean Bon Temps times.. it’s only been 2-3 months. The gas pedal has been found by TVD, no letting up there either.
  2. Could be better than the books? None of which I’ve read and don’t fucking mention the damn Twilight shit. I read the first two “books” and calling those things books is an insult to Harlequin romances, the National Inquirer, the liner notes on a pack of Taco Bell hot sauce. From what I understand both shows have taken creative liberties with their source materials which is probably a good thing. (future rant)
  3. Triangles? Screw that what’s wrong with orgies! The Rolling Stone cover may have the right idea. The ‘shipper possibilities for these two shows are too damn good. Unlike other shows where my favorites are loud and clear–Suliet FTW–TB and TVD leave me wanting to try it all before I commit. I’d love Eric and/or Alcide to get options other than Sookie, but can’t complain. Meanwhile there’s Caroline (just WOW) and Bonnie is bringing the shit! Both could be well matched to a Salvatore brother; I could totally see Damon respecting the evil twist of Bonnie’s fake spell mojo and them developing a sexy hate/hate thing.
  4. Hot men. Did I mention hot, sexy and sometimes pantless men? Just saying that Ian Somerhalder (EW‘s Sexiest Beast), Alexander Skarsgard and company bring the hot. Joe Manganiello, aka Alcide is ridiculously attractive.

The Vampire Diaries has 20+ more episodes of shit yeah! goodness ahead, while True Blood‘s finale is sure to have me counting the days until next summer. Bring it.

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