Summer Movies 2010: WTF happened?

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I think I saw one movie this summer, Ironman 2. Why?

Almost everything else looked like crap. Plus jobs, life, other evil Interweb distractions. And frankly, summer TV was better: Royal Pains, White Collar, True Blood among others.

I’ll get around to it. “Someday.” Dollar movie, rental, cable.

  • Toy Story 3. It’s Pixar for typing out loud.
  • Inception. I will see it, I will bore you with my crappy theories. Eventually. The strutting Leo photobombs are pretty funny.

Considered but passed. I pay for HBO, will see this crap then.

  • The A-Team. Bradley Cooper, ‘nough said.
  • Salt. Seen Angelina do the action hero thing before, I can wait.
  • The Expendables. Another “all-star” cast in another action remake. Meh.

Hell to the No: Need I type more?

  • Eat, Pray, Love. Seen Russell do it in France, Diane in Italy (both on cable, don’t judge me). I have no need to watch Julia’s version of “the rich white person becomes a better human by hanging with the little people, but only because they can afford to do it in total luxury, based on some craptastic book” movie.
  • Anything with Katherine Heigl. Lookout Drew, there’s a new bad romcom queen.
  • Anything slasher, gore with the latest stick figures and hardbodied kids.
  • Anything 3-D. James Cameron can suck it. (When I finally import my reviews from my old site, I’ll link to my Avatar pan.)
  • That fucking Twilight shit.

I can barely remember anything that came out, had to check Rotten Tomatoes just for a list! Summer used to be The Shit but this year was crapola. As to the aforementioned Ironman 2, meh.

Anything surprises, sleepers I missed? Tell me if it’s worth a rental.

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