“Will Wash Vagina for Money.” WTF?

This Week In Bullshit

This was actually last week, but still.

This shit just hits my feminist angst buttons the wrong way.

Anyhoodle.. Here’s the dealio.

  1. Douchey (PUN! rimshot!) company runs lame magazine ad suggesting the best way to get a raise is wash your vagina, as in crotch, as in vajayjay for anyone still watching that now craptastic show.
  2. Some readers take great offense, use social media to lampoon the ad but good. (BTW the comments are insane, therefore highly readable.) Snark!
  3. Advertising blog takes opposite view, pointing out hypocrisies while still mocking the ad. Excellent counter Snark!
  4. Advertiser blankets web with apology comments on various sites and blog posts.
  5. Surely, someone updates their resume for thinking that ad was a good idea.

A lot of advertising is sexist, misogynistic, bigoted, agist, sizeist, racist .. blah blah blah crap. All full of happy people smiling, like they enjoy giving airlines and car dealers and fast food places too much money for their overpriced shit. Whatever.

This product deals with a female issue, personal hygiene that’s unique to women because of biology, human physiology: women have vaginas. This ad made it a feminist issue by making hygiene relevant to a woman’s salary in the workplace.

That is bullshit. Or am I crazy?

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