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At least, when they aren’t MY boss. I’ve had my share of credit-stealing, back-stabbing, busy-shit-work-assigning douchebag bosses but damn.

Everyman for themselves

I think Kevin Spacey and Jason Bateman are like the ‘regular’ guys of the movies, just the typical upper middle class white dudes who wear suits and ties, type at computers and live in McMansions or condos, whilst sometimes married to chicks who could be models and hawk Neutrogena, and have the balls to whine about their lives. Shits.

Spacey is a prick, Bill Lumberg with a heavy side of sadism. Bateman is the schlub kissing his ass for a promotion.

Daddy Issues

Tres amigos of Horrible Bosses © 2011 New Line Cinema

 Donald Sutherland is a great boss and forgiving dad to cokehead, comb-over douche Colin Farrell. Word to the casting, think he may want to stick to this kinda of send up. See also, Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder.

When Daddy dies, adopted son Jason Sudeikis becomes the employee of Farrell’s asshole. Was this character named Randy? Should have been as for reasons passing understanding, he was the ‘lady killer’ of the group.

Like sorry - dude’s got a little charm, but he’s got some weak lines and is several shades this side of Jensen Ackles, Matt Bomer, Chris Evans and countless other hotties. At least TPTB didn’t go shirtless or God bless my eyeballs, pantless like they do with Will Farrell.

Cougar Attack

Even more ‘average’ dude who I’ve never seen before (Charlie Day) is being sexually harrassed (and assaulted) by Jennifer Aniston, who like Farrell, may want to stick to this cameoesque, caricaiture kind of role. She’s a nymphomaniac from hell, determined to bone her dental assistant who can’t quit for the-joke-wasn’t-all that-funny-to-run-the-whole-movie  reasons I won’t spoil. Also, dude’s the idiot, weak-link fuck-up of the group; think Zach Galifianakis, The Hangover.

Killer friendship

After boozing and bitching the guys band together to get rid of their bosses. They hire Jamie Foxx because 1) he’s black and 2) pretends to be tough in a black bar in 3) the black part of town. Hat trick for the ‘cameos’ as Foxx was in his element here, not trying to carry a movie.

As fate would have it, hilarity actually does ensue somewhat as these guys plot to get rid of their problems. Really the movie was a little fun, the bosses were terrible in cliched ways. I just have issues with their getting away with everything as while yes, one of their intended victims was a blight on society, not sure he ‘deserved’ to die. Oh well.

Final Snark: Fun way to enjoy some movie air-conditioning.

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